Pilot Weather Wisdom

Most pilots know only the façade of weather – very few seek its depth

Captain D


Greece: Meteorology’s Origin

The first page of both my weather books mentions Aristotle’s discourse (Meteorologica) written in 340 B.C. I am recently back from a Greek Island and Turkish cruise with a few days spent in Athens, Greece. Everyone wants to head the Acropolis (I did that too), but I learned about Aristotle’s Lyceum. (I had to look […]

Every wind has its weather

17th-century English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon wrote, “Every wind has its weather.” The contiguous US and the southern portion of Canada sit in latitudes where the winds prevail from the west (at the surface and aloft). But this vast geographic area is also conducive to the birth of low pressure systems.   At the onset of […]

Want to learn more about aviation meteorology?

Canada’s gold standard weather book

This book zooms in on Canadian weather for pilots but addresses American differences and weather abroad. You are not going to find a better weather book in Canada for pilots. If you do, let me know.

Pilot Weather consists of 400 colour pages. It was co-authored with Scott Dennstaedt and carries a lot of American weight. Both Scott and I strongly believe it is the new gold standard.

Flight from Within

With age comes wisdom

With wisdom comes knowledge

Knowledge breeds words

Words open doors

Doors open to freedom

Freedom brings flight from within

                                             Captain D


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