AQP4PP (Advanced Qualification Program for Private Pilots)

JETPRO is pleased to announce a training program for pilots owning and operating sophisticated aircraft who lack the benefit of an airline-like Advanced Qualification Program (AQP). It deals with pilots that may have overreached when buying an airplane, labeled Pilot Overreach Syndrome. Similar to when I purchased a lengthy sailboat and just learned to sail. The three-day ground school is for those who do not fly professionally and regularly. They may fly: Single engine, or Single-Pilot Turbines (TBM, Piper Malibu, etc.) Twin Engine, Single Pilot Turbines (Citation, Embraer, etc.) High-Performance Piston Twins (Diamond DA62, Beechcraft Baron, etc.) This Transport Canada-approved first-of-its-kind course will be in Calgary on March 22-24. Yours truly will be teaching advanced meteorology. This course may entitle you lower aircraft insurance premiums.

Is anyone interested?

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