Canadian Aviation Weather gets a facelift

CAW #3 will be available at the end of February. I hope. Due to miscommunication, printers breaking down and planets not lining up things were delayed about a month and a half. The new “nip and tuck” version will be full colour, have an extra chapter on altimetry, errors and typos fixed with a new cover. Plus an eBook version will be available. As far as price, how does $59.95 for the soft cover and $39.95 for the eBook sound?

6 responses to “Canadian Aviation Weather gets a facelift”

  1. Really looking forward to the new version. The first version was a huge help for my CPL written. I still read it to maintain my weather knowledge while not flying due to Covid.


    1. Hello Martin. Thanks for the comment. As you can see there are few visitors. I will be pumping up the volume in the weeks to come to promote CAW #3.


      1. Sounds good! I’ll be sure to share your posts to help promote. Best wishes.


        1. Thank you Martin. All the best!


        2. Martin. Thanks for buying my book. Just received your order!


          1. With pleasure. Looking forward to reading the new version!


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