Wedding Weather Fears

Everyone planning a wedding hopes (prays) for fair weather, especially if the venue is outdoors. Luckily my middle daughter’s wedding two weeks ago was inside, but the glitch, it was perched 54 stories into Toronto’s skyline. (Yup, Dad helped with the price tag that came with this pricey vantage point).

The two-week forecast foreshadowed rain for April 22nd. Later, the ten-day forecast confirmed it. I tried to soothe the tension with others by claiming the rain might happen earlier in the day. The three-day forecast indeed depicted this trend. Then it was me perusing over the aviation TAF when “show time” was within 24 hours. This precise forecast sadly did not describe a sweeping clearing trend because the winds were meant to come off the lake, pushing status over downtown. One server at the restaurant felt sorry for us because the Canoe Restaurant was mired in fog during the early afternoon. But the winds changed, the rain stopped allowing great outdoor pics with visibility improving to offer panoramic views of downtown Toronto including the Billy Bishop airport about 540 feet above the city. The wedding was perfect!

TAFs (terminal aerodrome forecasts) can fine-tune short-term weather. As mentioned in my weather books, TAFs can also help you fine-tune tee-off times concerning the onset of rain, figure out when the wind will start to put a dampener on your tennis game, decide whether you can sleep in because your flight lesson will be canceled due to fog, and forecast when more snow will arrive on the ski hill. It now includes wedding planning!

The weather looked bleak but Met Man Morris knew better…sort of.

The rain stopped offering great outdoor pics.

The groom and bride savouring panoramic views.

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