This Is Your Captain Speaking

Book #4 has arrived.

Book #4

Captain Doug Morris has been writing for his airline’s in-flight magazine for 24 years and answered a gamut of questions. This sequel to his bestselling book, From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and
Sky Science
, explains everything you wanted to know about airline travel, such as: Do airliners have keys? What do aircrew get up to on layovers? Why the bumps? This Is Your Captain Speaking caters to the frequent flyer, the nervous flyer, aviation geeks, travel buffs, relatives to airline types, and that nosy neighbour who wonders what airline pilots do. Doug discusses how to become a pilot and the required training in the simulator, and shares passenger anecdotes about unsung heroes (flight attendants) and mile-high memberships. It’s the A to Z of airline travel with a twist of humour. The flight deck door will always be closed, but Doug exposes the unique aviation world to the public. It’s a must-read before or during your next flight.

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