CASI (CDN Aeronautics & Space Institute) Talk

November 23 saw Captain D give a presentation at Carleton University (Ottawa) for CASI. It was nice to hang around bright, upbeat people. I was very impressed with Carleton and the engineering department. Someone needs to set up an affiliated flight school/program.

For decades, the ILS (Instrument Landing System) has guided pilots to safe landings in low visibility. Captain Doug Morris will discuss the components and intricacies of the ILS. It is the approach of choice with reluctance to adapt to new GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. Learn about autoland, what it takes to get airborne in low visibility and how pilots keep current. Take-offs in low visibility conditions will also be discussed.

CASI wanted me to talk about jet engines, but I knew I would be raked over the coals because I would be preaching to the choir. I did compromise by lightly touching on jet engines and discussing the B787.

Yes, I had permission to give the talk and wear my uniform. Every talk needs props.

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