Greece: Meteorology’s Origin

The first page of both my weather books mentions Aristotle’s discourse (Meteorologica) written in 340 B.C. I am recently back from a Greek Island and Turkish cruise with a few days spent in Athens, Greece. Everyone wants to head the Acropolis (I did that too), but I learned about Aristotle’s Lyceum. (I had to look up the definition…a literary institution, lecture hall, or teaching place). This is where weather began, and according to the placards, one of the most significant places of mankind. Aristotle’s teaching place was not discovered until 1996! For me, it was more important to visit than the Acropolis (a citadel or fortified part of an ancient Greek city, typically built on a hill).

Seeing the Greek alphabet made me appreciate all the letters I learned while taking physics/meteorology/mathematics/ and aviation. I recognized most letters, but many are distant memories. But I still remember the Frat House where I met my wife 42 years ago…ΦΔΘ (Phi Delta Theta).

A hotel view of the Acropolis. A tourist must.
Captain D preaching to the choir of zero at Aristotle’s Lyceum. The same feeling I get when writing these blogs. I wonder if Aristotle felt the same.

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